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Gratitude Post for Our Members and Supporters

Happy Thanksgiving! On a day that celebrates good food, family, and gratitude, we want to say thank you— to the hardworking farmers, the resilient food businesses, the tireless food assistance providers, our incredible 4P Family (especially our...

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Farmer Profile // Vanguard Ranch

Renard and Chinette Turner of Vanguard Ranch Natural Gourmet in Louisa County, VA believe that "farming is an act of liberation." Seeking a more sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle, they left D.C. and moved to the countryside to start their farm...

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More About Our Meats

At 4P Foods, we are committed to transparency and traceability behind all our products. But sourcing meat can be especially complicated, as every meat product has complex logistics behind it. The story begins on the pasture, but it continues on...

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Tallawah Farms

Tallawah is a family-operated farm that specializes in locally grown ethnic/specialty crops, providing migrants with freshly grown produce that they could only get from home. The farm is located on 1 1/2-acre property in the beautiful Eastern Shore...

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FARMER PROFILE // Locksley Farmstead Cheese Co.

In the Bull Run Mountains of western Loudoun County, VA, you'll find The Ag District - a 412-acre sustainable farm once known as the "Breadbasket of Virginia" for growing wheat. There, Locksley Farmstead Cheese Company raises a diverse herd of...

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How Was It Raised?: What’s Behind Meat Labels

In addition to farm-fresh produce, 4P Foods also sources sustainable, ethical protein options. Good meat is Good Food. But what is “good meat?” We hope this post helps explain the values behind our meats, the labels and terms associated with...

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Firsthand Foods

Firsthand Foods began as Durham, NC's first woman-owned mobile Sausage Wagon and has grown into a food hub serving their home state and surrounding area and meeting the region's growing demand for local, sustainable, and humanely raised...

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Farmer Profile // Piedmont Progessive Farmers Group

Piedmont Progressive Farmers Group (PPFG) is a nonprofit cooperative organization founded in 2016 and comprised of black farmers in the Caswell County area of NC. 4P Foods partner Goldman Farm, featured in the 2020 growing season, is a founding...

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