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Superfood Farm is a young operation. This 19-acre farm in Culpeper, VA was cultivated six years ago. Additionally, this family farm is largely run by the sixteen year old son, Raymon Ayad who gave us a tour of the farm in early June. The...

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Messick’s Farm Market // Farmer Profile Messick’s Farm Market was established by the Messick Family in the 1920’s on 1,000 acres of land in Bealeton, VA. This 3rd generation family farm is made of pristine fields and scenic skies in Faquier...

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Sweet Valley Farm Dairy // Farmer Profile

  Six miles down the road from the 4P Foods distribution hub in Culpeper County, VA is Sweet Valley Farm Dairy. In terms of rural life, Cecilia and Al Schallenberger, the married duo who own and operate Sweet Valley Farm, are our neighbors....

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Weekly Harvest Newsletters

  Our Weekly Newsletters are archived here so that you may go back to see what was grown, shared, and cooked through the seasons!  Click on a link below to go to the newsletter. Updated weekly. September 20th, 21st &...

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Thoughts on Fair Trade Tropical Produce

We work hard to bring you fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers that are passionate about the environment and their work. Our ultimate goal is to make the grocery store trip obsolete. Tom introduced the dairy and protein shares to have all...

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Fruitcycle // Producer Profile

When Elizabeth Bennet visited an apple orchard in the summer of 2013, she was startled by what she saw. Tons of fruit were going to waste because they were bruised or didn't meet the grocery store beauty standard. She had been working for a small...

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How to Use the New Swap System

Getting local, healthy sustainable food is easier than ever. Once you sign up for your 4PFoods bag, you are just steps away from creating your most delicious meal yet. The swap system lets you decide what you want in your bags each week, creating a...

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Helpful Cooking Resources + Tips and Tricks

You have the beautiful fruits and veggies and delicious meats at your doorstep, but now what? Time to get into the kitchen and whip up some great meals! Whether you’re just starting out to cook or are a veteran to the field, the internet can...

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Gluten-Free Spotlight: Easy Homemade Ricotta

I was so pumped to try my first dairy share this past week! The one thing that I was a bit unsure about in the bag was the whole milk. What do I do with whole milk besides drink it? Good thing Google has some great answers when you type in: What can...

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