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Gluten-Free Spotlight: Easy Homemade Ricotta

I was so pumped to try my first dairy share this past week! The one thing that I was a bit unsure about in the bag was the whole milk. What do I do with whole milk besides drink it? Good thing Google has some great answers when you type in: What can...

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Hamilton Heights Dairy // Farmer Profile

Hamilton Heights Dairy has been in the Hawbaker family for over 160 years, and Cliff and Maggie Hawbaker are the 6th generation to farm the land, but they're the first generation to grass feed their cows and be certified organic. Cliff told us, "We...

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What do all those labels stand for?

When you enter the grocery store, you are bombarded with labels on everything. From all-natural to Non-GMO verified and Fair Trade, it's confusing to keep everything straight and understand what's regulated and what's not. If something is labeled...

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Farmer Profile // Underground Greens

Underground Greens is helping to redefine what the word farm means. Located in a warehouse next to Union Market, Maryna Higgins grows 18 different kinds of microgreens hydroponically. With a life cycle of 9-12 days, and an easy setup, they are...

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Guest Blogger Spotlight

We love hearing about the amazing dishes that you create in your kitchen from the ingredients we give you, so we started a guest blogger series to highlight what you make. Send us your favorite recipes, pictures, or stories and we would love to...

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Dayna’s Gluten-Free Recipes: BBQ Ribs and Chicken

While Storm Jonas was raging outside, one of our lovely members, Dayna Lewin decided to bring the heat inside by making BBQ ribs and chicken. Here's how her snow day went: What can be better than snuggling up in a snowstorm? Cooking and eating a...

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Producer Profile // Trickling Springs Creamery

As you step into the farm store at Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania your eyes can't help but feel hungry at the sight of local ice cream, yogurt, milk, homemade butters and jams and local cheese. The ladies behind the...

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Dayna’s Gluten-Free Recipes: Oven Rutabaga Fries

One of our lovely members, Dayna Lewin, is our first guest blogger, sharing her recipes and what she loves about 4PFoods. As we all know, 4Pfoods is amazing, but what are the reasons why you love it? Do you enjoy supporting the farmers and our...

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Happy New Year! Looking back, looking ahead

Hi Friends, Members, Farmers, Producers, Partners, and Fans, As this year comes to a close next week, I can't help but reflect on the year that seems to have (rapidly) disappeared in the past 12 months. It was, bar none, the most challenging year...

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