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Producer Profile // Back Pocket Provisions

Siblings Jen Beckman and Will Gray cofounded Back Pocket Provisions with a serious goal: to create a better Bloody Mary while also doing their part in creating a better food system. "A better bloody mary to change the world," is what Will called it....

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Farmer Profile // Bees & Trees Farm in Elkwood, VA

Elkwood has a population of 422 people, and 2 of them are Teresa and Jeff Gregson, who run the 43 acre Bees and Trees Farm. We had a wonderful time at our harvest party there, and source our honey from the farm as well. Surrounded by beautiful...

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Producer Profile // Wide Net Project, Washington, DC

Wendy Stuart, a co-founder of Wide Net Project, pretty much summed up what we love about the organization in this quote taken from an interview with the Washington Post […] "Conceptually, its simple. There's too much fish, so let's turn this...

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Farmer Profile // Sunny Side Farms in Cumberland, VA

There’s something about Hugh French that draws you in.  It could be his warm, bashful smile.  Perhaps it’s the fact that he is such a great host to people visiting his farm and gets joy out of showing them around – zipping from one field to...

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