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Weekly Harvest Newsletters

Our newsletters are archived here so you may see what was grown, shared, and cooked through the seasons. Click to view past Produce, Protein, and Dairy Bags and see what is available for delivery year-round from our small family farm...

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Beyond Local

Starting this coming week, 4P Foods will be offering regional produce grown in places where it's in season, even though it's not in season here. We've already included such veggie delights as sweet corn, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplants...

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Donate to Local Food Hub

Starting this holiday season, we're very excited to be able to offer our members the option to make a tax-deductible donation to Local Food Hub (LFH), our partner organization. 4P members will always have the option to donate their bags, and your...

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Give The Gift of Good Food

4P Foods is very excited to unveil our all-new Gift Cards to start off the holiday season in the spirit of good food and good health. 4P Foods Gift Cards are available for our Produce, Meat, and Dairy bags in one, two, or four-week increments. ...

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The Story of Our Citrus

Supporting the local food economy is why we’re here, and we know it’s why so many of our members joined us! There’s nothing like fresh produce grown in your community, brought to you by people you know. There’s an unparalleled pleasure to be...

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Good Food Knows No Boundaries

4P Foods and Local Food Hub have always been at the leading edge of food system innovation. After years of working together, the merger of their distribution businesses four months ago has already resulted in a 27% increase in purchases from small...

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Partnership with the PATH Foundation

We are so pleased to announce the news of our partnership with the PATH Foundation. The PATH Foundation is a grant-making organization that enhances the health and vitality of the community with four areas of focus — access to health, childhood...

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Partnership with Local Food Hub

We at 4P Foods have very exciting news that will positively impact our local food system. After months of careful consideration, 4P Foods and Local Food Hub, a non-profit that partners with Virginia farmers to increase community access to food, have...

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The Geography of Good Food

4P FOODS brings high-quality, healthy food directly to your door. Each week, we deliver a selection of freshly harvested items from our partnering farms, many of whom are local, and all who meet our standards for sustainable agriculture and food...

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A New Look For Our Purpose

As we welcome the changing season, we are excited to announce news of changes here at 4P FOODS. Over the past four years, 4P FOODS has evolved its services as a food hub social enterprise. Now we are enhancing our visual identity to match our...

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