FAQ Guide: Partnership with Local Food Hub

This FAQ guide was created as a resource for our post that announced our exciting new partnership between 4P Foods and Local Food Hub. Read the announcement here.


Who is Local Food Hub?

Local Food Hub was formed in 2009 as a non-profit organization that partners with Virginia farmers to increase community access to local food. It has developed the support services and infrastructure to connect people and institutions with food grown close to home, focusing primarily on distribution to wholesale markets and operating farmer-based and community-based programs. Over its 10 years, it has re-invested many millions of dollars in supporting small family farms.


Will you continue to deliver 4P bags to my home/office/building?

Yes! Our weekly delivery model and services are staying the same.  You will still order online as you always have, with access to the same excellent customer support that you’re used to, and with the same delivery day as scheduled. No changes have been made to your 4P membership.


Will I still be able to learn about the farmers and where my food comes from?

Yes – in fact, the intention is to make your informational experience even better than before!


Why are you merging?

To truly impact the way we feed ourselves in this country, we must continually innovate ways to get good food from family farms to market in a more efficient, scalable, cost-effective way. Unique coalitions of nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies, investors and foundations are coming together to break down the barriers to making good food available to everyone. This is one example of that.

We are merging in order to more efficiently bring well-grown food from small family farms to more people. Currently, there is no scalable, regional local food solution that can easily and cost-effectively bring the food produced by small family farms to market, specifically large wholesale and institutional buyers. Bringing more volume and scale to the aggregation and distribution of local food will drive efficiencies and cost-savings, allowing for more competitive prices for buyers, unlocking the power of these markets for growers, and getting more, better food to those who can benefit most. We believe that this kind of collaboration is the future of local food.


What’s an example of a distribution inefficiency you faced in the past?

Local Food Hub and 4P Foods serve customers in the same neighborhoods in Washington, DC. On more than one occasion our trucks could be found parked near one another, delivering the same peaches from the same farm – one to a wholesale customer and one to individual clients. The trucks would then drive back to their respective warehouses empty.


How do you define “good food”?

Good food is sustainably-produced in ways that honor the workers, the soils, the land, the air, and the waterways upon which our food depends. Its price reflects the true cost of the care that goes into producing good food.


How do you define “local food”?

Local food is food that comes from within the Chesapeake watershed, with first preference given to farms in Virginia. The farm business is farmer-owned and farmer-operated. The farmer or producer is committed to traceability and transparency and can verify that all food is grown on-farm.


Will 4P Foods be based in Charlottesville now?

Our 4P Foods warehouse remains in Vint Hill, VA. The Local Food Hub wholesale warehouse in Ivy, just outside of Charlottesville, will remain in operation. We will expand 4P Foods’ current, larger warehouse in Vint Hill to expand the infrastructure for local food and allow for efficient servicing of markets in and around DC, as well as the rest of the region and state.


What happens next?

This merger will go into effect June 1, 2019. Most aspects of your experience will not change; staff is on hand to ensure that any changes to ordering, delivery, and payment happen smoothly. Over time, everyone will begin to experience the benefits of improved logistics, better systems, and additional transparency. Additional information will be made available through both the 4P Foods and Local Food Hub web sites as it develops.



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