Good Phyte Foods was founded in 2016 by Stacy Miller. A mother of two boys, she discovered that so many of the so-called “healthy snacks” out there are in fact over-processed and not what they claim to be. As an avid 4P Foods supporter,  Stacy began using locally-sourced produce to craft her healthy bars in Charlottesville, VA. 4p Foods was thrilled to welcome Good Phyte Foods as an official 4p Foods partner in March 2020, offering bars in our Produce bags and more.

The name “Good Phyte” comes from the Greek word phyte, meaning “of plant origin.” Good Phyte bars are made with whole organic seeds, organic dried fruit, and dried vegetables – chock-full of phytonutrients and whole plant proteins for long-lasting, healthy energy. Good Phyte’s products are vegan and grain-free, with no nuts, no added sugars, and no preservatives. In addition to bars, they also make crackers, granola, and salads.

Good Phyte Foods is also committed to supporting local business and sustainable agriculture. Produce in their products comes from 4p/LFH partner farms, including Bellair Farm, Schuyler Greens, Planet Earth Diversified, and Radical Roots Farm.


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