How to Use the Swap System

Once you sign up with 4P FOODS, you are only steps away from creating your most delicious meal yet!

Each week, we curate the Produce, Meat, and Dairy Subscriptions based on what’s fresh from our network of local/regional farmers and artisans.

Don’t like brussels? Need two portions of apples for pie? Or maybe you prefer chicken over pork? No problem! You can choose what comes in each 4P delivery.

To choose what’s in your bag, log-in to your account and use our handy swap system. Simply mix and match what’s in your bag(s) from the available items on the swap list.

Each week, you have a window of time where you can make changes to your upcoming order. From the time the e-newsletter hits your inbox mid-day Saturday up until your unique skip deadline make changes to your account. Note: this timeframe applies to all actions on your account, whether using the swap system, skip delivery calendar, and adding or removing a subscription.

As a reminder, the deadline to make changes to your account are as follows:

  • WEDNESDAY delivery: cut-off is SUNDAY at 11:59pm.
  • THURSDAY delivery: cut-off is MONDAY at 11:59pm.
  • FRIDAY delivery: cut-off is TUESDAY at 11:59pm.


Note About Allergies and Other Dietary Restrictions

We care a lot about dietary restrictions, but, unfortunately, our website system does not make it easy to check all of the dietary restrictions – it’s a pretty manual process and prone to a lot of human error. We are improving the website with technology upgrades in the coming months to make this easier (plus, a lot of extra features including a-la-carte ordering). For now, please customize your bag using our “swap system” by following the steps below.



Log-in to your account. Your upcoming order will appear below SUBSCRIPTIONS. Featured items as listed in the Weekly Harvest Newsletter are built-in here.


1. View Your Upcoming Order

After logging in, you will see any and all active subscriptions. Be sure to scroll down, as each subscription type is listed separately. From here you can also add-on a subscription type (Produce, Dairy, Meat) or schedule to skip an upcoming delivery from this page.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.24.15 AM

 2. Scroll down to swap items

Below each subscription is a list of extra items in the same category (Produce, Dairy, Meat) that are available for delivery. We call these goods the swap items!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.26.13 AM

Note that with the Produce Subscription, you can order a combination of seasonal produce or locally made, artisan items to compliment your fridge or pantry. Shown above are just a few examples of our rotating selection of artisan food items!



We always offer milk, assorted yogurts, and a selection of artisan cheese. Large and Mini Dairy (new size!) for more or less of the good stuff. Shop for what you like (for example: whole, low fat, or nonfat milk). We regularly carry plain regular and often plain greek, as well as flavored, and drinkable yogurt smoothies. In addition to what’s featured in the newsletter is a rotating selection of dairy (see example below). Be sure to see what’s in stock each week!


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.04.26 AM

Note: You may add-on 1 dozen or 1/2 dozen eggs to the Dairy order from our partner, Whiffletree Farm.



We offer a solid range of cuts and meat types from our partnering local farmers who follow sustainable and regenerative rotational grazing and humane practices. All meat items will arrive frozen on ice in each 4P bag, so you can stock up and cook only what you need through the week. It’s easy to shop for your dietary and household needs with the swap system! See example below.


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.06.13 AM

Note: You may add-on 1 dozen or 1/2 dozen eggs to the Meat order from our partner, Whiffletree Farm.


3. Build Your bag

Each food item is designated an amount of points. Click “remove” to take out what you don’t want. From the swap list, add the desired items to your bag using the points as your guide.

About the Point System: The amount of points per item is based on actual value. We give you a 5 point leeway. For example, if you only have 3 points left but really want extra apples (5 points), the system will allow you to select apples. Points do not rollover. Any unused points will not save to your account, so be sure to mix and match to build a bag you love!


4. Hurray! Changes Auto-Save

After changes are made, you’re all set! There’s no “save” button; swaps will auto-save in your account. To double-check your work, refresh the page to view what’s in your upcoming order. Then you can sit back and relax while we get to work connecting you to quality, healthy, food.

Pro tip: Meal plan for the week ahead using the recipes and food storage guide from our newsletter or check out our recipe boards!



We are happy to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or issues with your account. Email Bonnie [email protected].

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