Polyface Farm is a major presence in the community, and self-proclaimed “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin is a figurehead in the sustainable food and regenerative agriculture movements. His farm in Augusta County has inspired countless other new, existing, and aspiring farmers with its transparency and innovative methods of animal husbandry and agricultural practice.

Local Food Hub has long carried Polyface Farm’s frozen sausage. In fact, Local Food Hub first began a partnership with Polyface Farm to help them distribute their pastured pork to area customers, including the University of Virginia Hospital and Student Dining.

Through the LFH/4P Foods partnership in 2019, 4P Foods has started to deliver Polyface’s excellent pastured Thanksgiving turkeys to area families. These turkeys are continually moved to fresh pasture in a portable hoop house called the Gobbledygo, and they are also fed locally grown grains.

All the elements of Polyface Farm (which means The Farm of Many Faces) contribute to a holistic food production and land management system, like living links in a chain. For example, Polyface Farm’s pastured pigs are utilized to help to build the farm’s fertility by aerating their compost. In other words, every animal has an awesome job in their agricultural ecosystem.

We look forward to working with this dynamic farm in the future!

Polyface Farm is a Local Food Hub partner farm. We are proud to partner with Local Food Hub to connect small family farmers in Virginia to 4P FOODS customers.

Profile photo courtesy of Polyface Farm.

Photos below courtesy of Local Food Hub.



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