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Farmers grow & harvest

We work with more than 200+ sustainable family farmers in the Mid-Atlantic for the best quality and variety of fresh food. The more we grow, the more farmers thrive and the more we give back through our food equity initiatives.

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Choose Your Bag & Customize What's Inside

Choose your 4P Bag, customize what's inside, and add on extra items to fill your bags. Set frequency for a one-time or recurring order to get what you need, when you need it.

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We Pack & deliver to you

We make it easy to keep healthy food on the table! Save yourself a trip to the store and set up delivery right to your door. Or set your delivery to a 4P Community Pickup Site to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Empowering Farmers

4P currently empowers more than 250+ local and regional family farmers and producers to put their high quality, sustainably grown produce, protein, dairy on more tables in households and communities every day.

Committed to our Planet

4P partners with farmers who are good stewards of our environment and committed to low-impact, fair, sustainable and regenerative methods of food production. We are local focused and aim to be carbon efficient to curb your food footprint.

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Recurring Purchases

You can stop stressing about making it to the grocery store or farmers’ market by signing up for a recurring delivery. Choose from any combination of produce, meat, or dairy, pantry add-ons at a cadence that works for you, whether weekly, biweekly, or whenever it fits in your schedule.

One-time purchases

Whether you want to try something new, need that one more thing to round out your recurring order, or are looking for a unique gift for the food-lover in your life, one-time purchases allow you to get just what you need, just once.

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Delivered to your home, office, or building

We strive to make eating Good Food easy and affordable, while also minimizing our impact on the planet. We'll waive the delivery fee for home orders over $50 and all orders to participating community pick-up sites. Don’t see your office or apartment building on our list of delivery sites? Reach out to make a connection!

Skip or donate your Recurring delivery

Life happens, and you won’t always need your regular 4P order. You can skip delivery as often as you need to (as long as you do it before your skip deadline). And if you forget to skip your bag in time, or just want to pay it forward, you can always opt to donate your bag to one of our food access partners.

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Food Access Programs

4P works to build a better food system that enables all people, regardless of income or ZIP code, to have access to good, healthy food.

Food Access (or lack thereof) is a multi-pronged problem touching on the areas of geography, financial, and personal. 4P Foods, together with our partners, helps to deliver food along with solutions that mirror those challenges.

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Geographic access relates to proximity to Good Food sources. For example, is there a grocery store within a reasonable distance?

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Financial access means being able to afford Good Food. Even if there is a nearby grocery store, healthy, fresh food is often a luxury

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The personal access challenge is about lifestyle limitations. For example, someone working multiple jobs may not have the time, tools, or knowledge to buy and prepare healthy food.

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Bring 4p to your community

Make your space a hub for local food

4p Foods sources sustainably grown foods from farms in the Mid-Atlantic foodshed and delivers them to your home, office, apartment building, or business once each week. If you’re interested in getting set up as a delivery site (which makes all deliveries FREE for people who pick up at your location), drop us a line.

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