How To Skip A Delivery

We make it easy to keep fresh food on your table, with weekly deliveries straight from local family farms. With our custom order options and more than 200 participating farms, you’ll get exactly the food you want, and still save both time and money.

A common question from new members is “What if I am going out of town?”

Our answer: “SKIP” your upcoming order. Since you pay week-to-week, there’s no money lost, and there’s no extra fees. We will be here to re-stock your fridge when you get back!

After receiving your Weekly Harvest Newsletter on Saturday afternoon, you’ll have until your unique skip deadline to make changes or customizations to your order. Your skip/swap deadline depends on your delivery day.

Skip/swap deadlines are as follows:

Wednesday deliveries: Sunday at 11:59 pm
Thursday deliveries: Monday at 11:59 pm
Friday deliveries: Tuesday at 11:59 pm

Learn more about How to Swap (like that you can go five points in the negative!).

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It’s easy to plan your calendar with 4P FOODS. Here’s how it works:


How to Skip

1) Log-in to manage your subscription(s).

2) Scroll down to the bottom of your subscription and click “SKIP” to access our calendar.

Skip Blog 1 Select Delivery Options

3) Select “DELIVERY OPTIONS” and “SKIP WEEK” below the desired date.

Skip Blog 2 Click Skip

4) View the skipped order in your account calendar. You’ll receive an email alert to confirm the skip.

(Note: If you don’t receive a confirmation email refresh your 4P account and double-check your delivery calendar by following steps 1-3).

Skip Blog 3 Shows Skip

About Skips

By selecting “SKIP WEEK” you are opting out of all subscriptions. If you wish to skip one subscription (For ex: you want meat only every other week) then select the option “SKIP BAG” below the bag you wish to skip.

Deliveries automatically resume the week after a scheduled skip.  Skips may be scheduled up to six months in advance.


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