Give The Gift of Good Food

4P Foods is very excited to unveil our all-new Gift Cards to start off the holiday season in the spirit of good food and good health.

4P Foods Gift Cards are available for our Produce, Meat, and Dairy bags in one, two, or four-week increments.  This makes it easy for you to share fresh, local food with an individual, couple, or a family. If you need a custom increment, let us know and we’d be happy to work with you!

Your Gift Card recipient will get an email with all the instructions on how to redeem their card. They’ll be able to sign up with 4P Foods to get their first delivery any time they choose. Once their Gift Card is empty, they can opt to continue or cancel their 4P Foods membership.

If you’re ready to share the gift of good food with the good people in your life, start shopping below! Or, scroll down to read more about how the Gift Card redemption process works. Be sure to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions!

Peas and love,

4P Foods

4P Foods Gift Card Redemption Overview:

Here’s how the process will work once a Gift Card is received.

To get started, go to and click “Sign Up” in the upper right-hand corner. Next, click “Select Size” at the bottom of the column of the type of bag for which you received a gift card.

Step 1: Enter your zip code and select either doorstep delivery to your home or look for a delivery site in your area for free delivery. If you live or work in a building that is a participating pick-up site and marked as private, please feel free to choose it if you’d like. Otherwise, please choose from one of our open community pick-up sites (you can find a list at or opt for doorstep delivery.

Step 2: Then, select the type of share you’d like to receive.

Step 3: Continue scrolling down to enter your account information.

Step 4: Enter your billing information. To redeem your gift card, be sure to click on “Have a promo code?,” enter 1SP1,1SP2 in the box that appears, and then click “Apply.” After you complete your order, be sure to look for a confirmation email in your inbox to verify your account. Now you’re all set to receive your first delivery! Need help or have any questions? Send us a note at [email protected]

**Please note that signing up with 4P Foods means you are signing up for a weekly subscription. Unless you modify your delivery schedule to skip weeks or cancel your subscription altogether, you will receive a bag each week. You can skip as many weeks as you’d like up to six months in advance (find skipping instructions here), allowing you to customize your delivery schedule (i.e. to get bags every other week or once a month).

For example, if you were given four bags, you can spread those four deliveries out over as many weeks as you would like. If you only want to receive as many bags as your gift card covers, make sure to cancel after the specified number of bags (though we hope you’ll love 4P Foods so much you won’t want to!). There is no fee to cancel, please just make sure to do so at least two full days before your next delivery.**

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