A fourth-generation farmer, Kevin Kirby’s love of the land is so deeply ingrained that it was likely inherited. From a young age, he always knew he wanted to work outdoors. He grew up on the 108-year-old farm in Hanover County where he learned the family trade from his father, also a Mechanicsville native. Today, Kevin is committed to managing the 350-acre farm and to passing the lessons of the land onto his 11-year-old son with the help of his father, who still lends a hand on the farm.

Recognized by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as a Virginia Century Farm, Kirby Farms lives up to its long and illustrious history with commendable productivity levels and GAP certified practices. Annually, the farm harvests 28 vegetable crops ranging from kale and beets to watermelon and sweet potatoes. All of the farm’s produce is sold to consumers in the Mid-Atlantic region, with over half winding up on plates here in Virginia. Since 2015, Local Food Hub has been grateful for Kevin’s beautiful bounty of broccoli, cucumbers, and squash and for his commitment to the Virginia family farming tradition.

Kirby Farms is is a Local Food Hub partner farm. We are proud to partner with Local Food Hub to connect small family farmers in Virginia to 4P FOODS customers.

Profile courtesy of Local Food Hub.

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