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Alicia Mitchell

Alicia Mitchell

Meat Lead

Alicia is a DMV native, having lived in all three spheres throughout her life. She has always been interested in food and considered herself a foodie. Midway through college, she changed her major from Biology to Environmental and Sustainability Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Food and Agriculture, and her studies have made her more aware of the differences between the current industrial food paradigm and the more sustainable/local food system. 

Alicia would like to have a productive farm of her own one day with heirloom varieties of crops and herbs. She believes that farming is a form of activism and that with more attention and effort, local foods can become the norm. Alicia came to 4P from True Farms, one of the hydroponic producers from whom we source our lettuce. In her free time, she does yoga, plays rugby for GMU, goes to shows, and gardens when the weather permits.

Favorite Fruit or Veggie:

Honey mangoes or spaghetti squash

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