Here's How to Shop with 4P Foods

We brought your farmer's market online. Get all your in-season produce harvested direct from local farmers. 


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If you're brand new to 4P Foods - we'll first need to ensure that we deliver to you. 

Choose pickup or delivery, and please include delivery directions (clear and concise are always appreciated).

Enter your contact and billing information and you're ready to go shopping.

Still unsure how to sign up? Use our brand new chat service to ask for help!


Subscribe to a Tote or Buy A La Carte

Subscribe to get Produce, Protein, Dairy, and Fruit 4P Foods totes sent weekly or monthly. Or, just buy what you need when you need it!

For our subscribers, we'll remind you every delivery that you have food on the way - and you can customize your bag each week. 

Curating your 4P Foods purchases every time you need food? Our Weekly Harvest newsletter will let you know when to start prepping for your next delivery window!


Customize Your 4P Foods Subscription

Each 4P Foods tote comes packed with freshly harvest, in-season selections from the 4P Foods team.

Every Saturday, the Weekly Harvest email lets you know that the week's fresh harvests are in and it's time to customize! Customize before your deadline (3 days prior to your delivery date by 11:59PM)!

The initial price of each standard Bag is consistent every week, and the final price will vary based on how you customize your Bags. Info on each Bag's starting price and minimum price can be found in the shop.


Shop A La Carte

We have all your pantry, dairy, and daily staples - locally sourced from farmers and makers in DC, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and the Eastern Seaboard and Mid-Atlantic.

Grab what you need and add it to your regularly schedule 4P Foods delivery. Or, build your own a la carte bag when you need it. As long as you hit the $30 minimum order, you're good to go. 

We Stand 4Ps and Love

Join our mission to rebuild a regenerative and equitable food system.


Each day, our work at 4P Foods gets us closer to the kind of food system farmers thrive in, soil is regeneratively cared for, animals are treated humanely, and all communities have equitable access to healthy food. 

Our growing list of partners includes more than 200 farmers who value planet-friendly agricultural practices to provide local, sustainable, high-quality food year-round.

Every day at 4P Foods, we get to:

  • Increase food access through partnerships with local health institutions, education systems, and grass-roots community groups
  • Support local farmers and food producers within a 300 mile radius; and
  • Provide direct-to-door grocery delivery to residents and businesses across Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and beyond.

Thank you for being a member of the 4P Foods community!

Shopping & Delivery FAQS


On Saturdays, we update the 4P Bags and our online shop with what’s fresh for the week. When the Weekly Harvest Newsletter hits your inbox, it means your bags are ready to customize! Our ETA is mid-day on Saturdays, but there are occasional delays due to mother nature or technology. The arrival of the newsletter alerts you that you have between then and your order deadline (three days before your delivery day at 11:59 pm) to customize your Bags and/or add a la carte items.

There are two ways to view your upcoming deliveries:

  1. From My Account > Upcoming Deliveries: hover or click on My Account and select Upcoming Deliveries from the menu. On this page, you'll see the next six weeks of delivery days and any deliveries you have scheduled or skipped, as well as the option to skip, donate, or restore upcoming orders. Click the "Customize" button to see what you have coming in any bags.
  2. From the cart: click on the bag icon in the upper right corner. You'll see the next six weeks of delivery days, with a number next to each date indicating how many items are in your bag that week. Click the "Customize" button to see what you have coming in any bags.

There’s no checkout button on your shopping cart. As long as you hit the $30 order minimum, you’re good to go. 

However, there is a “Save” button you need to click to finish the customizing process for a 4P bag. If you’re here from our old site, that’s an important change to note!

Whenever you make changes to your order (including adding or removing items or customizing a bag), you’ll get a confirmation email. When you change a recurring order, you’ll get emails for the future deliveries, as well. If you don’t want to get a confirmation email every time, you can hit “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email to update your email preferences for different types of emails.

The deadline to make any customizations to your 4P order is a full 48 hours before your delivery day. Please be mindful of this cut-off which gives us a chance to finalize orders with farmers and artisans! The order deadline by delivery day is as follows:

  • 11:59 pm on Sunday for a Wednesday delivery
  • 11:59 pm on Monday for a Thursday delivery
  • 11:59 pm on Tuesday for a Friday delivery

To skip once, login to your account and click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner and then click on “Upcoming Deliveries.” You’ll see the orders you have scheduled for the next six weeks, including the items and total cost, and you’ll also see buttons that allow you to skip or donate each individual order.

If you choose to skip, you won’t be charged for your order that week. If you choose to donate, you will be charged, and your order will be packed up and delivered to one of our food assistance partners, like the Fauquier Community Food Bank.

You can skip for a longer period of time by turning on a Vacation Hold. Under “My Account” click on “Delivery Hold” and enter your vacation dates - we will skip all deliveries scheduled that fall between the date you entered to leave and the date you entered to return. 

If you need any assistance skipping a delivery, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

Select dairy and protein items can be purchased a la carte, including eggs and butter. Take a look through the Dairy & Eggs and Protein sections of the shop to see what is available to add to your cart. 

Dairy and protein bags have $20 minimums, so if you customize one of those bags to be less than $20 worth of products, you’ll still be charged $20. With a wide and ever-growing selection of products and flexible order frequencies (one-time, every week, every other week, monthly), $20 shouldn’t be too hard to hit!

To access our full rotating inventory for Dairy (including our selection of cheese), shop for a Dairy Bag and customize what's inside!

From the shop, click on “What’s Inside” on any bag image to see what’s available for a given week (if there are multiple weeks available, you can switch between them in the dropdown list at the top). Any items highlighted in pale yellow are what’s coming in the standard bag that week.

Once you’ve added a bag to your cart, click “Customize” to go to the Customize page (you can also navigate there from the “Upcoming Deliveries” page under “My Account.”) Bags will be pre-packed with the 4P Picks for the Week, which will show up in yellow with a green checkmark at the top of the product list. Products you remove will uncheck and change from yellow to white, and products you add will check and change from white to yellow. You can see a summary of your bag in the list in the “What’s Inside” section on the right in desktop view or at the top in mobile view.

Sure is! On the Customize page, click on the product categories under “Customize Bag Contents” to jump to that type of product (i.e. “Fruits” in the produce bag or “Beef” in the protein bag).

Most pantry items have changed from bag items to a la carte items, meaning you can add them on to any order, no saving up points required. Click “Pantry” in the navigation bar at the top of the shop to see the full selection.

If you don’t need as many produce items as come in a produce bag in addition to your pantry items, we’ve got you covered! Build a fully a la carte order by selecting exactly the individual items that you want from each category--anything that can be added to your cart from the shop is available a la carte. As long as you hit the $30 minimum order, you’re good to go, no Produce, Protein, or Dairy Bag required.


All of our deliveries are contactless, and you should receive an automatic email or text notification when a driver drops off your bags.

In general, if you signed up for direct home delivery, we usually deliver the bags right to your doorstep, or wherever you indicated in your delivery instructions (if we don’t deliver to the right place, please get in touch to let us know!).

For commercial buildings or apartment complexes, we deliver the bags per the building’s protocols and your directions.

In an effort to maximize delivery efficiency and minimize contact during the busiest hours of the day, your delivery may arrive as early as 7:00AM and as late as 8:00PM. 

Please note that delivery takes time and energy and an amazing delivery team. There is a fee of $9.95 for orders under $85 and $6.95 for orders over $85. Since we are awesome humans (and not drones) delivering your food with care, hopefully you’ll agree that it’s totally worth it.

Delivery is free at community pick-up sites, where anyone can pick up their bags within a certain pick-up time frame to save C02 and save a few bucks.

We've teamed up with select community centers and local businesses to be pickup points for 4P deliveries. Having your bags dropped off to a pick-up site helps us curb CO2 and helps you save money, as we'll waive the delivery fee on all orders!

New customers can choose a Community Pickup Site as your delivery location while registering, and anyone can change their delivery location to a 4P Community Pick-up Site (or vis versa) from your 4P Foods account. To see if there are any sites near you, simply log in to your account, click "Account Info," and navigate to the dropdown below “Do you want Pickup or Delivery?’ for a list of participating locations. Just note that you'll need to be able to pickup your bags during their business hours. Don't see a pick-up site near you? Contact us if you know of a place near you that's a good fit!

You should have been notified of your delivery day during the signup process, but if you’re unsure, you can login into your account, click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner, then click on “Upcoming Deliveries” to see all of your upcoming delivery dates. Any general news or changes in deliveries will be communicated to you directly and/or will be included in the weekly newsletter.

If you’re still unsure, reach out and we'll be happy to assist you!

You will receive an email or text notification when a driver drops off your bags. We deliver our food in insulated packaging to keep everything cold. We'd recommend picking up and unpacking your bags as soon as you can, but as long as you can do so within a few hours (or longer in cooler weather), you should be fine. We take all the packaging back to sanitize and reuse, so please set out your empties on delivery day for our driver to swap out.

If you receive any disappointing items, or if anything is missing, please let us know! We’ll gladly try to correct whatever happened, whether through a credit or an extra item in your next delivery.

We do our best to closely manage inventory so that we have enough for all orders but not so much that anything goes to waste. If we ever run out of an item or it becomes unavailable after you have placed your order, we'll do our best to notify you in advance so you can let us know what you’d like instead. If we're unable get in touch in time, we’ll issue you a credit for the missing item (or send you a substitute item in select circumstances, i.e. pack gala apples as a substitute for stayman apples, if out of stock).

Still have a question? Shoot us a note

Shop Tutorials

Review Your Upcoming Deliveries

Click on the bag icon in the upper right corner to see your next six deliveries. If you have any existing subscriptions, you will see your 4P bags there under each upcoming delivery date.

Skip an upcoming delivery

Skipping orders is easy! Click the x next to any item in your cart to delete it just once or for all future deliveries, or click on "Upcoming Deliveries" to skip or donate any upcoming order. Going away for a while? Use the "Delivery Hold" feature to pause all orders for a certain period of time.

Change the default frequency of your bags

You can now change the default frequency of your bags (and eggs) to weekly, every other week, monthly, or specific dates. To do so, delete the item from your cart (for all future deliveries) or recurring items list and then add it back after selecting the new frequency from the dropdown menu.

How to Customize Produce and Fruit Bags

Produce and new fruit bags have a set price and number of items within each size. Swap out any item you don't want from our weekly picks and then swap in any item you do, one for one. Wondering where a favorite pantry item has gone? If it's not a swap in the bag, you can buy it a la carte — look for it by category or in the search bar.

How to Customize Protein and Dairy Bags

Protein and dairy bags now have flexible prices based on what you put in them. We still pack a "standard" bag with our picks each week, and you have the freedom to add or take away as much as you want, as long as you hit the $20 minimum per bag.

Go Shopping for More

Add extras to your 4P Bags with our a la carte shopping feature. Find select a la carte goods within each product category. (For example: Hop over to Dairy & Eggs). Just make sure you meet the $30 minimum order for delivery, and all orders over $60 get free delivery!

Try a Fully A La Carte Order

You can build an order of exactly what you need from our a la carte selection of produce, pantry, and select protein and dairy products, no bag required. As long as you hit the $30 order minimum, you're good to go!

Shop Shenandoah Produce

We are excited now to feature products from the Shenandoah Valley region in our Shenandoah Produce category. This hyper-locally focused product line brings you the best of this rich agricultural region's produce, meat, and dairy. Look for a la carte items in the header or for swap items with the SP icon.

Update Your Account

On the login page, click "Forgot your password" and enter the email address associated with your 4P Foods account to set up a new password.

Update your payment information

Once logged in, click on "Account Info" under "My Account" to update your payment information with your preferred credit card.

How to Share Your Referral Link

If you refer someone who signs up with 4P and makes a purchase, you both get $10 off! Find your unique referral link by going to My Account > Referrals. (Note: the link will take people to the shop so they can look around, but as long as they create an account during that same session, your name will appear automatically in the "Who referred you?" field)