Firefly Farms

Accident, Maryland

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Long-time 4P Foods partner Firefly Farms in Accident, MD is Maryland's most celebrated cheesemaker, and we can't imagine our Dairy bag lineup without their delicious and unique goat's milk cheeses. Firefly Farms was founded in 2002 by partners Michael Koch and Pablo Solanet, who are committed to sustainability, supporting local dairy farmers, and producing premium quality products.

local Creamery

Firefly Farms sources fresh goat's milk from family farms within a 30-mile radius of their creamery, and only choose milk processed without added hormones or antibiotics. Their relationships with their partnering farms ensure the ethical treatment of their milking goats and fair, unforced husbandry in accordance with the natural cycles of the animals and the land.

Their creamery operates using renewable solar energy, which accounts for a third of their total energy demand. By buying only local milk, Firefly also reduces carbon emissions, and sustainable practices like recycling and donation of leftover whey to feed neighboring farms' crops and animals help reduce waste. Firefly Farm's presence helps support their local Maryland economy and agricultural community.


Award winning Cheese

Firefly's cheeses are made using just four simple ingredients, and none of them include additives, preservatives, or stabilizers. Every cheese is meticulously handcrafted using pasteurized goat's milk, bacterial cultures, vegetable rennet, and salt. All ingredients used are GMO-free and they only use fresh, local milk - never frozen curd.

Some of our featured favorites at 4P including their versatile, spreadable plain and flavored chevre logs, Merry Goat Round - their creamy, clean-tasting flagship cheese, and Cabra LaMancha, a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese inspired by the cheeses made in Spain's Basque region. Its bold, subtly grassy flavor develops as it ages over 90 days.

On our 4P Foods virtual farm tour of Firefly Farms, we met founder and CEO Michael Koch and head cheesemaker Dan Porter to get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of one of our longest-running dairy partner producers. There's nothing like meeting the amazing people (and animals) behind awesome food. Say cheese!

Profile photo courtesy of Firefly Farms.