Garrett Valley Farms

Swedesboro, NJ

Garrett Valley Farms image

At Garrett Valley Farms, you can trust that there is no corporate giant calling the shots. Instead, this family-owned and operated business prioritizes their customers' health and well-being above all else.

That is why we are connecting the food web to bring their humanely-raised Spiral Sliced Semi-Boneless Glazed Seasoned Half Ham from New Jersey. Expertly smoked over fine hardwood, this ham comes pre-sliced and ready-to-serve for your holiday meal!

From the beginning, the founder of Garrett Valley Farms, Lou Colameco, was committed to ensuring that his children didn't consume over-processed meats that offered no nutritional benefits. Today, that same passion for providing high-quality, all-natural meats has guided Garrett Valley Farms since 2001.

With a passion for making "natural" truly mean what it should, Garrett Valley Farms goes above and beyond to ensure their products are free from any shortcuts or compromises. One of their most important philosophies is their unwavering dedication to raising animals with love and care. Their animals are never given growth hormones or antibiotics, and they are never fed any animal by-products. Instead, they provide an all-vegetarian feed that supports the animals' overall well-being while preserving the integrity of the meat. 

The farm’s openness and genuine dedication for sustainable agriculture make them such a valuable partner for 4P Foods and our community.