Mock's Greenhouse & Farm

Berkeley, WV

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Lettuce take a moment to talk about Mock's Greenhouse and Farm in Berkeley, WV! Mock's specializes in hydroponic produce free of pesticides and full of flavor, including traditional, cherry, and heirloom tomatoes, herbs, greens, high tunnel berries, organic ginger, and of course their bibb lettuces, which have become 4P Produce Bag favorites. Mock's the second-largest hydroponic growing operation in WV, and one of the few diversified, GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) certified hydroponic growers on the east coast. They've also been recognized for their conservation practices.

What is "Hydroponic?"

Hydroponics are a method of growing plants in a water-based, nutrient-dense solution and sometimes a medium like clay or peat moss rather than soil. Hydroponics require less water and space and offers growers the freedom to grow year-round, with total control over the conditions within the greenhouse, including temperature, light, and humidity. Pest and disease pressure are also reduced, as are troublesome weeds. This means little to no chemicals are required.  This type of agriculture is also possible in places not conducive to conventional methods, including extreme environments and urban areas.

Mock's is run by Paul and Raynette Mock. Paul is a lifelong farmer whose first taste of agriculture was growing vegetables with his father in PA. After learning all about hydroponic growing methods, he constructed three hydroponic greenhouses in Berkeley Springs, WV - one for lettuce and two for tomatoes. His first hydroponic crop was grown in 2006, and he began to market produce in the D.C. and Baltimore areas. Now, there are more than 30 greenhouses at Mock's, including a high tunnel for blackberries and raspberries. They also do some conventional soil-based growing, including Christmas trees.

Greenhouses and hydroponic growing methods allow Mock's to produce amazing quality food twelve months a year. That means you can enjoy berries, tomatoes, and other summertime favorites even when our local growing conditions aren't ideal. Mock's Greenhouse & Farm can grow a whopping 10 harvests of Bibb lettuce per year! To go behind the scenes at Mock's Greenhouse and Farm, check out our virtual tour

When you receive Mock's Bibb lettuce in your Produce Bag, you're in for a tender texture, mild flavor, and amazingly long shelf life. If you keep the lettuce in the fridge in its plastic clamshell or a storage bag and remove leaves from the head only as needed, it will last for 3 to 4 weeks.

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