New Day Farms™

Bealeton, VA

New Day Farms™ image

New Day Enterprises, PBC, operating under the brand of New Day Farms™, is a Microgreens farm in Bealeton, VA and a Public Benefit Corporation. New Day is driven to restoring our food systems and fostering good health with their Certified Organic, non-GMO Microgreens, produced using regenerative agricultural techniques.

Microgreens may be small, but they’re nutritional superstars! Picked at less than two weeks old, they represent the second stage of an edible plant’s growth (in between sprouts and baby greens). This is the stage in which flavor and phytonutrients are their most highly concentrated – from 4 to 400 times more than that of mature plants and leaves!

Microgreens vs. Sprouts

New Day Farms™ Microgreens grow under natural sunlight, significantly reducing any risk of contamination by harmful bacteria. In contrast, sprouts do not need light to grow and because they are grown in very humid, closed conditions, there exists the potential for unwanted bacteria. In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration investigated a multistate outbreak of salmonella infections linked to alfalfa sprouts.

Sprouts are grown in water, whereas New Day Farms™ Microgreens are grown exclusively in soil. Microgreens absorb minerals from the soil as they grow and undergo more photosynthesis than sprouts, increasing their nutritional content exponentially. So the moral of the story is... eat your Microgreens!


“Functional foods” like Microgreens are a crucial addition to the diet, as they strengthen the immune system – which fights and prevents diseases. Broccoli microgreens even demonstrate evidence of cancer-combating properties. They’re also fat-free and low in calories and carbohydrates.

New Day Farms™ grows sunflower, kale, radish, beet, basil, cilantro, arugula, and broccoli Microgreens in their proprietary, mineral-rich soil under natural sunlight, which reduces any risk of contamination while making sure each harvest has as many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals as possible. New Day Farms™ composts their harvest waste for growing new crops and their waste greens also feed the livestock at organic farms nearby. A portion of their produce is donated to local food banks.

Store Microgreens in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator and note that they are best when enjoyed within 2 days. Microgreens’ endless culinary possibilities include salads, burger, taco, and sandwich additions, pizza toppings, smoothies, juices, salsas, soups, and dips, as well as traditional edible garnish, or just snacking right out of the bag. They’re crunchy, flavorful, and beautiful – a foodie’s best friend. So far, we’ve been loving New Day Farms™Sunflower Microgreens (try them with hummus and egg salad!) and look forward to seeing their Broccoli and Sunflower Microgreens sprouting up in our Produce Bags.

Photos courtesy of New Day Farms™.