Sensenig Turkey Farm

Lilitz, PA

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Sensenig Turkey Farm is located in the picturesque Brubaker Valley in Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County, PA. They use a combination of traditional and modern practices to raise fresh, all-natural, great-tasting poultry. 

The story begins in 1948 with young farmer John Sensenig, who yearned to get into specialized farming. So he started turkey production with help from a local feed mill. John built his first turkey barn in 1959, and dressed the turkeys himself in the woodshed and farmhouse kitchen. By the early 1960s, he added a garage where turkeys could be processed for the holiday season. 

Since those humble beginnings, Sensenig has grown from offering turkeys to the local area for the holidays to processing birds weekly, throughout the year. The turkeys are now processed in a USDA inspected plant, but the farm's care and attention to detail remain the same.

Sensenig Turkey Farm's Valley Belle turkeys come to the farm as one-day old poults. After living in modernized brooder houses for five to seven weeks, the turkeys are moved out to barns like the one John Sensenig first built. The birds have ample space to practice their natural behaviors, fresh air and clean water, plus the added protection from the roof over their heads. Being able to move and exercise means the birds will be meatier - with more muscle and less fat. 

The birds eat an all-vegetable, chemical-free diet including grains, corn, and soybeans grown on the farm, and they are never given growth hormones or animal byproducts. Antibiotics are only administered when needed to ensure customers receive only healthy birds. Turkeys are allowed to grow to their full potential for optimal flavor and quality.

All Sensenig Turkey Farm poultry is processed on the premises under strict sanitation standards, and the resulting products are all-natural and contain no preservatives. Look for delicious, low-fat Sensenig Turkey Farm ground turkey and ground chicken products in your 4P Protein Bags, and taste old-fashioned, farm-fresh goodness. 

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