Silver Creek and Seamans' Orchard

Tyro, VA

Silver Creek and Seamans' Orchard  image

In 1959 Silver Creek Packing Shed was started as a packing facility for Silver Creek Orchards and Lea & Seaman Orchard. The founding families were John T. Morton of Silver Creek Orchards and Alton R. Seaman and Joyce Seaman of Lea & Seaman Orchard.

In 2012, the Silver Creek Packing Shed was renamed Silver Creek & Seamans’ Orchards, Inc. The owners wanted to incorporate both orchard names in the name of the packing facility. 

Today, John and Ruth Saunders, Richard Seaman, and Anne Kidd run the operations at Silver Creek & Seamans’ Orchards, Inc. 

Richard is in charge of the packing shed, as well as his own orchards. His nephew, Carter Parr, his son-in-law, Brian Kidd, and his daughter, Anne Kidd help with Seamans’ Orchard. 

Ruth Saunders, and her husband, John Saunders, run Silver Creek Orchards.

Silver Creek and Seamans’ Orchard provide delicious apples and the highly anticipated apple cider that are in the 4P Foods produce tote.