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TrueFarms is a family-owned farm in Prince William County, VA. They grow tender-crisp, delicious hydroponic lettuces and greens enjoyed throughout northern VA, MD, and the DC area. Through their innovative growing practices, they are able to supply 4P Foods with fresh, long-lasting products even throughout the cold months. Who doesn't love fresh greens in the winter?

What is "Hydroponic?"

Simply put, hydroponics is a way to grow plants using water instead of soil. This enables growers to utilize less space and consume less natural resources, while retaining more control over all growing conditions including temperature, humidity, and light. Hydroponic crops are grown in greenhouses where they are kept totally clean and free from pollutants and pests that may affect conventionally-grown produce. TrueFarms's greenhouse is energy-efficient due to its insulation and poly air pocket covering, and able to turn out gorgeous heads of lettuce 12 months a year. 

TrueFarms grows all their crops without soil, chemical pesticides, or preservatives. They use clean, fresh water flowing from the well on their land (and the Bull Run Mountains), and its natural purity ensures they never have to chemically treat it or introduce additives. All the water used to grow the hydroponic lettuce is recycled and the farm uses 1/20th of the water of a conventional farm. 

TrueFarms grows lettuce varieties such as Bibb, Medley, and Little Gem, as well as arugula, other greens, and herbs. Their lettuces are refrigerated within 30 minutes of harvest for optimal freshness and are distributed to lettuce-lovers within hours.

The TrueFarms lettuces in your 4P Produce Bags still have the root ball attached, which means they're still alive! This keeps the lettuce fresher for much longer - up to two weeks in the fridge - but we doubt you'll be able to keep from eating it sooner! 

Photos courtesy of TrueFarms.

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