Wadel's Farm Wagon

Mt. Crawford, VA

Wadel's Farm Wagon image

Wadel's Farm Wagon was founded by Dean Wadel in 2014. As a value-added producer, Wadel's crafts delicious pantry goods from locally-grown food. You might have already enjoyed their delicious jams, condiments, baking mixes, and more. 

Dean helped grow produce as a child in central Florida, and his family moved to a dairy farm in western Missouri. After experiencing the negative effects that large-scale brokers can have on family farms, Dean worked in Pennsylvania to help a small operation distribute dairy products from local farms. This inspired him to connect  locally-produced goods with consumers.

Dean then owned and operated Horse and Buggy (a homage to the area's Amish farmers), which eventually became Shenandoah Produce. Shenandoah Produce sought to broaden their sourcing horizons and provide their customer base with a greater variety of goods, particularly in the wintertime. They partnered with 4P Foods to draw upon our network of regional farms to offer items like Rio Star Texas Grapefruit and early-season strawberries from family farms in the Carolinas.

4P Foods and Shenandoah Produce worked together for several years before Dean made the decision to turn to full-time food production. He launched Wadel's Farm Wagon in 2014 and entrusted Shenandoah Produce to 4P Foods so we could continue connecting the region's producers and eaters. Wadel’s Farm Wagon is excited to partner with 4P Foods to help make Dean’s goal a reality, bringing local goods to local tables.