Won Shan Mushrooms

Catlett, VA

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Won Shan Mushrooms, family-owned since 1986, is a mushroom farm with the goal of producing the healthiest food possible without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fungicides. They harvest their mushrooms fresh each day, picking and packing entirely by hand to ensure utmost quality. 

Varieties of mushroom organically grown at Won Shan include oyster and shiitake. Oyster mushrooms are mildly sweet with fruity undertones, and they're filled with vitamins and antioxidants with natural antibacterial qualities - it's no wonder they've been used medicinally in Asia for thousands of years! The farm suggests sauteing, stir-frying, adding them to soups, or cooking them in batter like fritters.

Shiitake mushrooms are hearty with a meaty texture and bold taste. They are believed to have anti-cancerous properties and studies suggest anti-tumor, cholesterol-lowing, and anti-viral properties. Shiitakes make a good non-processed substitute for animal protein and would work in sautees, soups, stuffings, and more.

Won Shan sells dried mushrooms that last a long time and can be rehydrated to add a boost of intense flavor to your recipes. They even blend their own pure, additive-free Umami Mushroom Salt, which is made with roasted mushrooms and adds intense savory flavor without the MSG and excess sodium.

Mushrooms are among the most sustainable crops you can grow here in the US, producing high yields in small spaces in short amounts of time, consuming minimal resources. Be on the lookout for fresh, delicious Won Shan Mushrooms products in future 4P Produce Bags and add some rich depth of flavor and vegetarian protein to your cooking. 

Photos courtesy of Won Shan Mushrooms.

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