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Partnership with Local Food Hub

June 18, 2019

We at 4P Foods have very exciting news that will positively impact our local food system. After months of careful consideration, 4P Foods and Local Food Hub, a non-profit that partners with Virginia farmers to increase community access to food, have finalized an acquisition of Local Food Hub's distribution operations.

This new partnership marries Local Food Hub’s strengths in farmer relationships and product knowledge with 4P Foods’ strengths in logistics, market development, and sales. Our singular focus is creating an even better, more robust system for getting food from our region’s small family farms to market, as well as to consumers who might not otherwise enjoy access to healthy, local food.

To truly impact the way we feed ourselves in this country, we must continually innovate ways to get good food from family farms to market in a more efficient, scalable, cost-effective way. Unique coalitions of nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies, investors and foundations are coming together to break down the barriers to making good food available to everyone. This is one example of that!

4P Foods was founded in 2014 with the goal of building an equitable food system while connecting good food from sustainable and small farms to customers in the DC-area. Today we remain as dedicated as ever to that goal. We see this partnership with Local Food Hub as an important step in accomplishing our mission - and one giant step closer to building a better food system for all.

* For more information about Local Food Hub, please visit their website.

* Please view the FAQ GUIDE for answers to general inquiries.

As always, thanks for your continued support! Together with the dedication of each and every member, community partner,  family farmer, and local artisan, we are building a better and more equitable food system for all.

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