Exciting Regenerative Organic Farming Research at Rodale Institute image

Exciting Regenerative Organic Farming Research at Rodale Institute

September 08, 2022 by 4P Foods

Local Food Sales Advocate Grace Grattan traveled to The Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA to attend the 2022 Annual Organic Field Day. Lucky for us, Grace is sharing her farm-tastic thoughts and takeaways from the event with the 4P Foods community!

Q: How did your trip to The Rodale Institute relate to your work at 4P Foods?

Grace: The Rodale Institute is such a pioneer in Organic agricultural practices in the US and around the world! It was exciting to see their research in progress; what they are starting to explore and starting to collect data on. I think the research at The Rodale Institute is important to 4P Foods. Given our mission and values, we need to stay informed on what is occurring with Organic agriculture and most recently Regenerative Organic agriculture. It's incredibly invigorating to get out and hear knowledgeable people speak about the future of farming.

Q: What was the most interesting part of your trip to the Rodale Institute?

Grace: I loved seeing the Farming Systems Trial blocks. I heard about the research at The Rodale Institute and seeing the crops and the visible effects of Organic versus Conventional and till versus no-till was pretty incredible.

Q: What did you learn about Regenerative Organic agriculture?

Grace: The data being collected at The Rodale Institute is important to further shape the future of how we grow nutrient-dense food for our communities. Research conducted on soil mycorrhizal fungi on yield and nutrient uptake in vegetable crops is fascinating . More and more, we are becoming aware of the relationship between mycorrhizal fungi, crops, and nutrient density. This research highlights the shift from Organic to Regenerative Organic, where biodiversity is promoted above and below the soil.

Q: What are your takeaways from your trip to The Rodale Institute?

Grace: I left my visit at The Rodale Institute feeling energized and proud of the work farmers and scientists are doing. Going there is 100% worth the trip. If you can’t make it to Pennsylvania, the institute’s website has virtual classes and tours.