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Bonnie May

Bonnie May

Head Member Experience Wizard

Bonnie grew up in Jackson, MS as a fussy eater, although she still appreciated collard greens.​ She went to college in a small Southeastern town in Louisiana an hour from New Orleans, where she later moved after grad school. It was during this time (right after Katrina and during the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf) that she became an environmental activist, alarmed by how our country’s dependency on fossil fuels was hurting people’s health in Louisiana and depleting the coastal wetlands, which are a natural buffer to hurricanes.

When she had the epiphany that our broken food system was one of the top contributors to our fossil fuel addiction, she started to change her eating habits entirely (she had ZERO cooking skills) and devoted her time to being a local food advocate, first by advocating for more local food in her college’s dining hall, to support farmers she trusted. Bonnie came to DC to see what other possible solutions were out there for creating a just and sustainable food system, and she was happy to find that 4P Foods is one of them. In her spare time, she also enjoys pretending she can fly through her aerial skills.

Favorite Fruit or Veggie:

It changes, but right now, beets! She likes them simply roasted in salads or made into beet burgers.