A Simple Way To Donate Delicious, Good-For-You Food image

A Simple Way To Donate Delicious, Good-For-You Food

November 29, 2022 by 4P Foods

Getting good-for-you food to the communities that need it is central to 4P Foods’ mission. Through our Buy a Bag program, you can send a 4P Foods tote to a family for their next meal. Simply add a 4P Foods donation tote to your cart to set up a one time donation or recurring donation just like you would order a grocery tote for yourself. 4P Foods offers two options for donation totes.


A Produce Donation Tote

  • Buying a produce donation tote sends good-for-you food to families in Ward 7 and Ward 8 of Washington D.C.
  • This program supports the weekly Field of Greens farmers market held in partnership with the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.
  • 80% of community members who participate in the market say it is “the most conveniently located option to secure fresh produce.”


A Protein Donation Tote

  • This program serves families in Fauquier County, Va.
  • Your protein donation sends high-quality, sustainably produced local protein to the Fauquier Community Food Bank.
  • Most hunger relief and food access organizations struggle to meet the demand for proteins due to cost.


Additional Food Access & Food System Equity Organizations to Support


4P Foods partners with organizations that are both improving food access and supporting equity in the food system. A couple of these organizations are currently accepting monetary donations.


Brighter Bites

  • This program serves families in Prince George’s County, Maryland.
  • Brighter Bites and 4P Foods deliver fruits and vegetables to 1,500 families.
  • Our partnership with Brighter Bites began in October 2021. Since then, 4P Foods has sorted and quality checked more than 19,000lbs of fruits and vegetables every week.


Foodshed Capital

  • Foodshed Capital exists to create financial opportunity for regenerative farmers and food entrepreneurs who have historically faced barriers to traditional capital.
  • 82% of loans made by Foodshed Capital were to female-owned or BIPOC-owned operations.
  • In 2021, the organization launched the Black Farmer Equity Initiative to formalize their work supporting Black farmers.