Easy Pumpkin Spice Pasta with Bison Sausage Dinner Recipe

Mike, 4P Foodie Recipe Contest Winner

Easy Pumpkin Spice Pasta with Bison Sausage Dinner Recipe image

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Delicious comfort food that includes pasture-raised bison and locally-sourced pasta. It is pasta-tively amazing that 4P Foodie Mike K. shared this recipe with us. Enjoy pumpkin spice pasta with bison sausage anytime of the year, but it’s great for autumn and winter eating. This recipe serves six, but could easily be scaled down for a festive date night dish. All you need is a pot, a pan, and an adventurous palate. 

Here is how to make this recipe with purpose-fueled food that’s better for the prosperity of our planet and people.



Start some generously salted water boiling in a pot. Saute 0.5-0.75 lb of loose mild or sweet sausage of your choice and about a third of a white onion (roughly chopped) until the onion is soft and meat is cooked or browned to your liking. Remove from the pan and discard excess oil. I used bison bourbon fennel sausage. In an empty pan, add asparagus cut into 1.5" segments, along with oil if necessary. Saute until finished and remove from the pan. Meanwhile, add a pasta of your choice to the water and continue to boil. Short pasta (e.g. ziti) works best, but any will do. Boil until done. Put about 8 oz (half a can) of pureed to the pan, now on medium. Once warm, add about 8 oz milk (I used whole milk) and stir until mixed. Bring to a simmer. Add your pumpkin spices to taste. I used freshly ground nutmeg, ground clove, cinnamon, and ginger, along with salt, onion powder, garlic powder and gochugaru. Continue simmering until desired sauce thickness is achieved. Remember, it will tighten as it cools. Once sauce is done, add sausage mixture, asparagus, grated parmigiano reggiano, and pasta, and toss until homogeneous. Spoon into a wide bowl and sprinkle with roughly chopped toasted hazelnuts or pistachios. Enjoy!