Quick Blueberry and Yogurt Parfait Breakfast Recipe

4P Foods Team Member

Quick Blueberry and Yogurt Parfait Breakfast Recipe image

With vanilla yogurt and in season blueberries, this quick recipe will be your go to spring breakfast and snack.You will be berry excited about combining blueberries and Pequea Valley Vanilla Yogurt are perfect for layering from there just add in your favorite granola, nuts, or other fruit to this vegetarian recipe.

This parfait is set up to serve one person, so repeat the steps however many times to get the number of servings that you want. You will need a small jar to hold your parfait ingredients and spoons for layering.



Start with a clean jar and put a layer of blueberries on the bottom. Then, spoon in 2oz of vanilla yogurt. On top of the yogurt, add enough blueberries to cover the layer of yogurt. Then, add a layer of other fruit, nuts, or granola if you like. Keep layering until you use up all of the vanilla yogurt. Add mint leaves to the top as a garnish.