Relaxed Winter Kale Salad

Bonnie May, 4P Foods Teammate and former picky eater

Relaxed Winter Kale Salad image

Try a fresh take on eating your leafy greens with this recipe for kale salad with roasted beets from 4P Member Experience Wizard, Bonnie. "Beets are my favorite veggie and the star of this kale salad!" Here's a tip for cooking beets: I used to cut them up first but discovered that the edges would get burnt a lot… then I slowly realized that I could just roast them whole and cut them later! I like to do this first, long before I make the salad so I can let them cool when they are done.


For Salad:

For Bonnie’s Roasted Beets:


First, I rinse the beets and cut off the little ends. Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees. In a casserole dish or pan big enough for them I add some olive oil, and a little balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and parsley on top. I usually turn the beets over and do seasoning on both sides, and then wr

ap them up with some aluminum foil on top. I find they cook better this way.

They usually take about an hour to cook, but I would check every 20-30 minutes to flip them over, to avoid scorching them. Then when they seem nice and soft, take them out and let them cool. When you are ready to make the salad, cut them into little pieces!

Next, the kale

The key to a good kale salad is to make sure it’s relaxed. I know… what? Have you ever had a delicious kale salad at a restaurant and then try to make it yourself and it just doesn’t taste as good? That’s because the kale is stressed. You have to massage your kale!

Since kale is a tougher and more fibrous green, it needs a little massaging to break it down and make it more tender and easier to chew and digest. You can do this by just rinsing the kale in water as you usually would and taking one handful at a time and gently massaging for a minute or two... No need to pulverize it. As long as you feel the veins breaking down a little, you’re good!

Some folks will massage it with olive oil or lemon to give it some flavor, but I just use water since I’ll add a delicious dressing later. Your call.

Ok, the kale is relaxed now. Happy kale.

I prefer to have my salads to be versatile, so change the ingredients as you see fit. Maybe you prefer a more sweet, nutty, or savory salad, or want to add some chicken, tuna, chickpeas, or tofu for some extra protein... Go wild!

For this one, I chopped the edges off a giant celeriac root (since they have a lot of knots) and cut the celeriac root into little pieces for the salad. I tossed that in with the kale, roasted beets, and added some diced walnuts and golden raisins. You can also slice up an apple if you like sweetness like me. Then serve with your favorite dressing! 

Makes 2-4 servings