Eby's Produce

Pittsylvania County, VA

Eby's Produce image

Eby's Produce, owned by John Eby, has been a Local Food Hub partner farmer since 2012. They grow root vegetables and other seasonal vegetable crops in Pittsylvania County, VA. John has been in business for nearly forty years! He and neighboring farmers like Brick Goldman of Goldman Farm and DJ Livengood of Walnut Winds Farm coordinate deliveries to Local Food Hub, who helps distribute their products to community institutions and establishments. Without having to worry about the logistics and legal stuff, growers like John can focus on doing what they do best - growing food!

Eby's Produce is a partner of Local Food Hub Grower Services. 4P Foods is proud to partner with Local Food Hub to to increase community access to local food. 

Profile courtesy of Local Food Hub. Photo by 4P Foods.

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