J&L Green Farm

Edinburg, VA

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J&L Green Farm in Edinburg, VA is a longstanding 4P Foods partner, providing forested pork, 100% grass-fed beef products, and more for our Protein Bags.

Head farmer Jordan Green was born in upstate New York, where he grew up on a private lake preserve and cultivated a love for nature and animals. He tended family gardens and raised laying hens every summer, and managed the dairy goat herd, pastured poultry, gardening, and landscaping on his parents' homestead in VA. Jordan's wife Laura hails from Texas, having grown up on her family's small farm which had a honey distribution business.

After apprenticing at Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm, Jordan coached aspiring sustainable farmers - follow his efforts here. He served in the Marine Corps from 2004-2009, during which Laura worked in the restaurant and banking industries while taking care of their home as a vacation rental. After leaving active military duty, Jordan and his wife Laura started their farm in Edinburg, where it continues to grow. They tend their livestock with great care, keeping them exclusively on pasture or woodland and farming in alliance with nature's rhythms.


J&L Green Farm raises pastured poultry, grass-fed and grass-finished beef, and forested pork, in which hogs are rotated through wooded areas during the last third of their lives, foraging on land unsuited for other agricultural endeavors. Their animals are humanely raised and handled, eating an all-natural diet and living stress-free lives on the 200-acre farm. J&L Green Farm also supports neighboring mission-driven farms to offer pastured eggs, organic produce, and more.

With their three children Justin, Allie, and Wyatt, the Greens are fostering and preserving their farmland and its resources while being steadfast champions of sustainable agriculture. Laura enjoys educating people on how to prepare meals using their products and other farm foods. We look forward to sharing some of her favorite recipes with you for your Protein Bag ingredients. In the meantime, get to know the Greens and their farm on our virtual tour - Part I and II. 

Profile photo courtesy of J&L Green Farm.


Profile photo courtesy of J&L Green Farm.

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