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The EAT Local Food Act

April 10, 2024 by 4P Foods

As champions for a resilient food system, 4P Foods has been deeply engaged in the USDA’s Local Food Purchasing Assistance (LFPA) here in Virginia. This groundbreaking $900M+ program has been a game-changer, facilitating long-term commitments to farmers and providing fresh, local food to food-insecure families.

Yet, the question remains—what happens when LFPA funds run out? The thought of losing this lifeline for our communities and hardworking farmers has been a significant concern.

Enter the EAT Local Food Act (S. 3982), introduced by Senator Reed and co-sponsored by a dozen passionate advocates. This legislation promises to maintain the momentum, ensuring ongoing support for our farmers and food security for the underserved. It’s not just about food; it’s about empowering growth and equity in agriculture, especially for those who’ve been historically sidelined.

Using LFPA funding, 4P Foods delivered over 650K pounds of food since July, supporting 60K+ households and putting more than $1M into rural communities by way of local farmers. The EAT Local Food Act is our beacon of hope to continue and expand these efforts.

Join us, along with NSAC and 184 other organizations, in endorsing this act. Reach out to your Senators, share the vision on social media, and let’s rally collective support for local, regenerative, and equitable food systems.

Let’s ensure this act isn’t just legislation but a lifeline that keeps giving. Because ultimately, it’s not about the aisle; it’s about the table—the shared table of our global community.

To learn more about the EAT Local Food Act and its profound implications for our food system, follow the link.