Your Guide to Unique and A-Peeling Peak-Season, Organic Citrus image

Your Guide to Unique and A-Peeling Peak-Season, Organic Citrus

December 15, 2022 by 4P Foods

4P Foods’ purpose is to partner with farms that are working hard to help rebuild a regenerative food system that builds healthy soil and feeds our communities delicious, nutrient-dense food. We prioritize sourcing from local and regional farms in Virginia, Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic and the Eastern seaboard, but, as it gets colder, the variety of produce gets less exciting. During this time, we partner with independently-owned farms in states such as Florida, Georgia, and Texas to provide delicious, nutrient-packed citrus.

We look forward to having a burst of bright citrus during the cold, dark winter months. Citrus is packed with vitamins and minerals that boost our immune system. They are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant plant compounds, including over 60 types of flavonoids, essential oils, and carotenoids that boost a variety of health benefits.

KIDNEY HEALTH: Citrus fruit is high in citrate, which can help lower your risk of kidney stones. 

HEART HEALTH: It is also high in fiber, especially soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol. Citrus is fairly unique in that they have more soluble fiber than insoluble fiber, making them a pretty a-peeling choice for your daily fiber intake. The soluble fiber and flavonoids in citrus fruits also make them a healthy choice to help lower blood pressure. 

Here are the nutrient-dense, winter fruits you can expect to see in your 4P Foods tote.



They have loose rind, making them easy to peel and great for on-the-go snacking.

Satsumas have a sweet and tart flavor and a smaller size that makes them a favorite for snacking. This citrus is in the Mandarin family and originated from Japan. If you’ve never had them before and are concerned about the loose rind, don’t worry! They’re known for having a looser skin and being very easy to peel.


Georgia Kisses Mini Mandarins (aka Kishu Mandarins)

Sweeter than most citrus.

A smaller citrus fruit with a slightly squashed-looking shape. Georgia Kisses have a thin, firm rind that is easy to peel and very aromatic. They are sweeter than most other citrus, and have a slightly tangy taste. These tiny citrus fruits are sweet and perfect for snacking!



Three varieties of grapefruit are available. Ruby red grapefruit is the sweetest variety.

A hybrid between oranges and pomelo, grapefruits come in a range of colors for the inside fruit. 4P Foods has white grapefruit, pink grapefruit, and red grapefruit available. Grapefruit tends to have a lighter colored rind and a larger size than most citrus. They have a sour-sweet and sometimes mildly bitter taste.

FUN FACT: They get their name from growing in clusters on the trees like grapes.


Sugar Belle Tangerines

A special variety of tangerine selected by the University of Florida.

This very special variety of tangerine is a hybrid of mandarins and oranges. It was naturally selected at the University of Florida to resemble the bell shape of a “Minneola” tangelo. They are medium in shape, slightly squashed in appearance, and are easily noticed by their characteristic stem that sticks out. They are easy to peel and have a sweet yet tart flavor. 


Meyer Lemons

Perfect for cooking and baking!

Meyer Lemons are delightful for cooking and baking due to higher sugar and lower acid content than other lemons. Their skin is also a lot thinner than other lemons, and has more of an aromatic, floral flavor. They are believed to be a cross between a regular lemon and an orange. Try this delicious recipe.


Murcott Mandarins

Expect these in your 4P Foods tote later in the season.

Worth the wait! They are very juicy, easy to peel, and have a very sweet taste. They have a slightly squat, oval-like shape with a darker orange color rind. Murcott Mandarins are often called “Murcott Honey” in Florida to avoid confusion with a California “Honey” tangerine hybrid.



Can be enjoyed whole straight off the tree!

Kumquats are unique type of citrus that are tiny, but pack a serious punch of flavor! They have a sweet and sour taste. A kumquat's skin is much thinner than most citrus and is completely edible. They are a small, grape-shaped fruit that can be enjoyed whole straight off the tree.


Rangpur Limes

A favorite among chefs and bartenders.

You might be fooled by the name, but these don’t look like limes at all. They look more like oranges! Rangpur limes are not actually a lime, but a cross between lemon, mandarin, and kumquat. They are a favorite among chefs and bartenders and are enjoyed for their sharp, acidic taste which is quite unique.


Navel Oranges 

Pro Tip: Eat right after slicing. The fruit becomes bitter when exposed to oxygen.

We can’t forget Navel oranges! They are a larger variety of sweet oranges and their sweet taste is a classic for a reason. They are slightly tart and tangy, but their acidity is fairly low. They are best tasted right when you slice them, because their flesh can become slightly more bitter when exposed to oxygen. Cut them up and enjoy!