3 Ways to Prepare Radishes You Will Love image

3 Ways to Prepare Radishes You Will Love

April 07, 2023 by 4P Foods

Radishes pack a punch. This peppery root vegetable isn’t everyone’s favorite, but they are fresh out of the ground in the spring and worth another taste. Trust us, a different preparation can change how your taste buds experience certain vegetables.

WELLNESS BOOST: Radishes contain antioxidants that help protect cells against damage, premature aging, and disease.

We think these recipes are pretty rad! Let’s try radishes three different ways and see if we can change your mind about this spring root vegetable.

Roasted Radishes

Not a fan of the peppery flavor of radishes? Try roasting them. Heat breaks down the compounds that are responsible for the spicy flavor and concentrates the natural sugars in the radish. This brings out a complex sweet flavor making roasted radishes a great addition to a salad or just a side dish. Get the recipe!

Radish Stir Fry

Stir fry is a wonderful way to combine ingredients into a delicious meal. This recipe brings seasonal ingredients together to show that the growing seasons know what tastes good together. It  is sweet and peppery from the cooked radishes balanced out with the umami of garlic. Like we learned with roasting radishes, cooking them reduces the peppery bite that a lot of people find to be too harsh and brings out the natural sweetness. Get the recipe!

Radish Open-Faced Sandwich

Also known as a tartine in Europe, this open-faced sandwich is a unique way to eat a radish. The trick to preparing this dish is all in the slicing. You will need a mandoline to slice the radishes really thin which turns them into more of a seasoning than a crunchy textural element. Plus, this recipe reduces food waste by using the radish leaves to make an aioli. The creamy aioli and thinly sliced radishes make for a delicious bite. Get the recipe!

PRO TIP: Radishes with greens still attached (aka bunched radishes) will taste fresher than radishes without the greens attached (aka topped or loose radishes).