Now Available! 4P Foods' Marinara Sauce Made With Virginia-Grown Tomatoes image

Now Available! 4P Foods' Marinara Sauce Made With Virginia-Grown Tomatoes

December 03, 2021 by 4P Foods

Sometimes it seemed like mission im-pasta-bowl, but after years in the making we are so excited to bring you 4P Foods marinara sauce. Our marinara sauce is made with Virginia-grown tomatoes in Hatch Kitchen in Richmond, VA. Creating this sauce adds value for our farm partners and another great product for you, our customers! This sauce allows us to do three things: lessen food waste, purchase more from our farm partners, and extend peak season flavor and nutrition for our customers.

At 4P, we plan with our farmer partners so they have an idea of what and how much to plant in the coming year for us to buy. However, production planning is never exact. Due to weather, farmers’ yields can vary, meaning that some years there is more than we can sell during the peak season and some years there are more “ugly” tomatoes that can’t be sold in stores. Jarring marinara sauce is a way to extend the life of those fantastic, tasty tomatoes, so that they don’t end up as waste.

4P Foods’ marinara sauce provides a definite outlet for tomatoes from our farm partners, and allows us to purchase more tomatoes at a price that is fair to the farmer. The farms that 4P sourced tomatoes from are Church Hill, Singing Earth, Spring Hollow, Superfood, Walnut Winds, and Witmer Farm. 13,355 pounds of tomatoes were used for this first round of sauce.

Not wasting these flavorful, nutritious tomatoes means that we have peak-season-flavor, source-identified tomato sauce in the 4P shop all year-round. It also means that you can have local tomato sauce that supports local businesses without having to make it and jar it yourself. We are so excited about offering 4P sauce to our customers that the 4P team is gathering up their favorite ways to use it. Follow us on Instagram @4PFoods to find out our team’s favorite ways to use 4P marinara sauce. 

4P Founder and CEO Tom McDougall says, “Since 2014, we’ve been bringing you fresh, healthy, delicious food from local farmers direct to your door. Now we bring you tomatoes from those same farmers, so you can make your favorite sauce with local produce year-round. That lets us buy more from our farm partners, and it lets you make more magic for your family. Thank you for helping us achieve our Purpose- one tasty, wholesome, nutritious jar at a time.” 

Shop 4P marinara sauce by clicking the button below. We also have a Pasta Night bag in our shop. Click here for more info.