Our Team

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Jennifer Beckman, Finance Manager

Jennifer Beckman is part of the Local Food Hub Family and joined the 4P family after the exciting company merge. Jennifer joined our team in April 2018. She is responsible for developing and managing financial controls, reporting, and accounting systems. Jennifer continues to work from the warehouse outside of Charlottesville, VA.


 HORTENSE BRENT, Market Manager

Hortense is the Market Manager at the Field of Greens Market, the CSA-style market held at the Washington Youth Baseball Academy every Wednesday. Hortense is a wellness coach with a passion for plant-based cooking.

Hortense is a patron of the market and graduate of the YMCA Food Programs cooking and nutrition classes, where she perfected her culinary skills. Health is the basis of her relationship with local organic food. As someone who has a personal knowledge of overcoming illness, she is an advocate for nutrition. Hortense shares her passion for healthy lifestyle at wellness coaching classes that she co-hosts her sister. Hortense is the proud grandparent of three who share her joy of cooking.

Her favorite vegetable is broccoli!




Chris came to 4P Foods by way of Justin – a good referral goes a long way here. He’s what one might call a “connoisseur” of pizza, and professional wrestling. Since joining the 4P Foods team, he has come to appreciate the tastiness of food outside the crust. Rosemary recently from our friends at Dreaming Out Loud had Chris eager to cook something, anything, with that aromatic herb!

Chris helps with one of the most important roles here at 4P Foods… bringing our bags to our members. If you see him on his delivery route, be sure to give him a high five or a hug or both. Odds are he was up at 2:00 in the morning and is in the middle of a 12-hour day to make the magic of local food delivery happen.

His favorite vegetable? He admittedly is not a huge veggie guy, unless we are talking pizza toppings, but his favorite stand alone vegetable is brussel sprouts.





Tyler cultivated a green thumb as a kid, working on his mom’s micro-farm that sold produce to local restaurants in his Pennsylvania hometown. Before joining our team, Tyler was the assistant grower and manager of a farm, where he specialized in growing lettuces, spinach, arugula and basil. Tyler is a two-time state champion ping-pong player and has plants to set-up a tennis table in the break room.

Tyler can’t stand seeing lettuces at the grocery store going bad after traveling hundreds and hundreds of miles from farm to shelf. He knows first-hand just how taste, quality, and nutrients go downhill as compared to freshly picked produce and he is all about our mission to bring locally grown, fresh food to the area.

His favorite vegetable? He prefers to eat veggies as part of the larger dish. His favorite dish to cook is Bulgogi, a traditional Korean barbeque dish with thinly sliced grilled meat, steamed rice, and kimchi.


Meg Buckley


Meg was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. A lifelong vegetable enthusiast, she dreamed of being a “green food grower” as a child. However, her passion for food justice and sustainable agriculture developed while working with farming communities in Nicaragua.

Her interest in the intersection between health, the environment, and social justice led her to study public health at Saint Louis University. As a student, she worked with a mobile farmers market to get fresh, affordable produce into food deserts and taught cooking classes at community-based organizations. Most recently, Meg was an Emerson National Hunger Fellow with the Congressional Hunger Center, where she assisted with food relief post-Hurricane Irma in South Florida and conducted research on best practices for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP) enrollment in Washington, D.C.

When not spreading her enthusiasm for food and our farmers, Meg enjoys distance running, climbing trees and making the office smell like coffee. Her favorite vegetable? Beets, especially when roasted with other delicious root veggies!


Rod Crawford

Rod Crawford, Operations Manager

Rod Crawford is part of the Local Food Hub Family and joined the 4P family after the exciting company merge. Rod oversees daily operations at our Charlottesville warehouse, including the receiving of products from growers and the packing of orders for customers. He organizes our delivery routes throughout Charlottesville, Richmond, and Washington, D.C., and manages our Warehouse Associates. Rod has worked in marble and granite fabrication, and has more than 10 years’ experience in the fresh produce industry. Rod joined Local Food Hub in 2014 and is a Charlottesville native.


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Ronald Davis, Warehouse & Delivery Guru

Ronald Davis is part of the Local Food Hub Family and joined the 4P family after the exciting company merge. Ronald helps to manage operations at our Charlottesville warehouse, including receiving product from growers and packing orders for customers, and he also distributes our product throughout Charlottesville, Richmond, and Washington, D.C. Ronald continues to work from the warehouse outside of Charlottesville, VA.


Tara Eavey

Tara Eavey, Sales Associate

Tara  is part of the Local Food Hub Family and joined the 4P family after the exciting company merge. Tara has experience working with institutional markets, such as colleges, universities, and hospitals, to procure local foods. Tara continues to advocate for local food sales from the Charlottesville location.


Abbey Gleason

ABBEY GLEASON, Brand Manager

Abbey took an interest in food systems and nutrition when she elected to become vegetarian at a young age, and quickly learned how to cook vegetarian food. She studied food systems through a cultural and environmental lens in college, where she had the opportunity to learn about our global-local food system and sustainable pathways in Costa Rica. After graduating, she applied her textbook knowledge and completed a series of internships (WWOOF) as a nomadic farmer on small organic farms cross-country.

These days she chooses to support regenerative and grass-fed meat farmers and advocates for environmental and ethical food consumption. Abbey has experience in photography, social media management, content writing, and sales and is pleased to use her creative talents to elevate the innovative work of 4P Foods.

Her favorite vegetable? Any leafy green is a friend of mine, but especially fresh spinach.





Bonnie grew up in Jackson, MS as a fussy eater, although she still appreciated collard greens.​ She went to college in a small Southeastern town in Louisiana an hour from New Orleans, where she later moved after grad school. It was during this time (right after Katrina and during the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf) that she became an environmental activist, alarmed by how our country’s dependency on fossil fuels was hurting people’s health in Louisiana and depleting the coastal wetlands, which are a natural buffer to hurricanes.

When she had the epiphany that our broken food system was one of the top contributors to our fossil fuel addiction, she started to change her eating habits entirely (she had ZERO cooking skills) and devoted her time to being a local food advocate, first by advocating for more local food in her college’s dining hall, to support farmers she trusted. Bonnie came to DC to see what other possible solutions were out there for creating a just and sustainable food system, and she was happy to find that 4P Foods is one of them. In her spare time, she also enjoys pretending she can fly through her aerial skills.

Her favorite vegetable? It changes, but right now, beets! She likes them simply roasted in salads or made into beet burgers.



Tom was born and raised in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York State. He grew to love the rolling country, and learned to question the suburban sprawl that took over one cow pasture after another around his childhood home. After moving to DC to finish school, he was introduced to business concepts that had been foreign to him: corporate social responsibility, externalized costs, triple-bottom line, social entrepreneurship, true cost accounting, and others. His first job after college had him traveling back and forth to China where he saw first hand what externalized costs really looked like. By producing all of our “stuff” elsewhere, he experienced the impacts it had on people’s lives, the environment, and the social construct of a backyard, far far away. It was a jarring, eye-opening experience for him, one that ultimately led him to launch 4P Foods in an effort to be part of the solution.

While he and his wife were participating in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) of their own, and after reading one too many Michael Pollan books, Tom found himself on a life-changing path of working towards food systems change, and more broadly, business systems change. What, really, is the true purpose of business in our society? What should it be? He’d love to know your thoughts.

His favorite vegetable? Kohlrabi. Mostly because he gets to reference Aliens when he describes what it looks like.




Nate is an avid basketball fan and tattoo aficionado, and even has a tattoo of his favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers. You can easily spot Nate on his delivery route by the purple gear he will most likely be wearing, so be sure to say hello. Nate formerly worked in HVAC construction and is glad to switch gears to work for a company with a mission that he believes in.

His favorite vegetable? Cilantro all the way. He likes to make his own salsa with fresh cilantro, tomato, onion, garlic and jalapeños.


Kris 4P Foods


Kris‘s family has been involved in farming since the 1800’s, both in the Mid-West and in Germany. He was raised ‘off the grid’ on a sustainable tree farm in Rhode Island, where he developed a deep appreciation for responsible land management and sustainable agriculture. For the past 20+ years, he has worked in a wide range professional roles with start-ups and large corporations, doing everything from producing special effects to structuring and negotiating multi-million dollar supply contracts. After living in the city for many years cut off from easy access to farm fresh food, and spending all of his time working in front of a computer for a multinational manufacturer, he realized that he needed to devote more time making a positive impact on the world, so he started growing vegetables at his farm in his spare time and selling them at the farmers market in Brooklyn where he became deeply involved in the good food movement and connected with 4P.

His favorite vegetable? Depending on the day, it would be either a super-spicy baby mustard green, or a nice Cherokee Purple tomato with just a pinch of salt.


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Dustin Thomas, Warehouse & Delivery Guru

Dustin Thomas is part of the Local Food Hub Family and joined the 4P family after the exciting company merge. Dustin helps to manage our warehouse operations, including receiving product from growers and packing orders for customers, and distributes our product throughout Charlottesville, Richmond, and Washington, D.C.



Kerry Trenor, Bookkeper

Kerry Trenor is part of the Local Food Hub Family and joined the 4P family after the exciting company merge. As Bookkeeper, Kerry is responsible for a variety of tasks, including handling billing and payments with our partner buyers and producers.



Sandy Tribendis, Sales Associate

Sandy Tribendis is part of the Local Food Hub Family and joined the 4P family after the exciting company merge. Sandy supports our staff, vendors, partner producers, and clients to provide the best customer service to our community. Sandy relocated to the Charlottesville from Bucks County, PA. Prior to her move, she worked as an Office Assistant at the non-profit organization, The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, located in Center City Philadelphia. Sandy’s educational and professional background started in the Parks & Recreation Management field, with degrees from Penn State University and California State University. She gained diverse business and management experience working in municipal government for the City of Palo Alto and the City of Foster City, California. Sandy enjoys exploring all the amazing aspects of living in the Charlottesville area that surrounds the natural beauty of Shenandoah National Park.  Sandy continues to work from the Charlottesville warehouse.


Emily Tucker


Emily grew up in Saint Paul, MN, where she learned to enjoy and value great food and the great outdoors. She attended the University of Minnesota, where she majored in French and International Development.

Wherever Emily happened to be, Emily found a way to immerse herself in the local food community – whether it was working on the student-run organic farm at the U of M, installing community gardens in Montpellier, France, or volunteering at a neighborhood grocery store in Washington, D.C.

After a couple of years working in development for a nonprofit in Washington, Emily took stock of her favorite extracurriculars and identified the one common thread – food! When she’s not getting the word out on our awesome veggies and farmers, Emily can be found cooking with friends, searching for the best wood-fired pizza in the DMV, and trying to grow vegetables on her back porch.

Emily’s favorite vegetable is a tomato – with a sprinkle of salt and preferably eaten outside!


Natalie Vandenburgh

Natalie Vandenburgh, Local Food Sales Advocate

Natalie found her way to Good Food via a really good pie recipe that launched her journey into a broad and deep exploration of the joys of cooking, the magic (and hard work) of growing food, and the complexities of the food system. A recent transplant from Minnesota who comes to 4P Foods with a background in food hubs and a degree in Food Systems from the University of Minnesota, Natalie finds motivation in Good Food’s ability to bring people together and improve the health of individuals, communities, and the environment. When not talking about, thinking about, or cooking vegetables, Natalie can be found checking out local breweries and bakeries, biking all over the District and beyond, or typically both at the same time.

Her favorite vegetable? Picking just one feels a little like picking a favorite child, but if she had to choose, it would probably be cauliflower.




Justin was born in Tampa, FL but spent most of his life living in and around Warrenton, Virginia. He grew up with an appreciation of garden fresh veggies and pasture-raised meats straight from his family’s farms in GA and WV. Growing up, his family wouldn’t dream of eating meat with added hormones or fed GMO crops and therefore wouldn’t sell a product that they wouldn’t eat themselves. It made farming less economically feasible, but his family thought it was worth the inconvenience.

Justin’s 10 years in restaurant management gave him a first hand experience of our broken food system. Though he understood that the problems existed, he didn’t think there was every anything that he could do to change it. That is, until he started working for 4P Foods! Now he is excited to be able to actively take part in changing our food system for the better whether he is packing 300 bags of farm fresh produce for delivery or connecting with a new local farmer about their product. We’re glad to have him on our team!

His favorite vegetable? Garden fresh tomato sandwich with a big slice of Vidalia onion. This was normal after school snack as a kid. And if there was no bread around, they would just eat the tomato and onion by itself.


Carlisle Wilkinson


Carlisle’s passion for a sustainable and equitable food system began while serving with AmeriCorps. While working for a number of nonprofits on the west coast, she witnessed the environmental impact of big agriculture as well as the stark differences in food accessibility, fueling a life-long commitment to food justice. After spending the summer working on a small family farm in California, Carlisle earned her bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning at VCU to better understand the role of local food in community planning. During her studies, she worked with the university Office of Sustainability where she contributed to a number of initiatives such as zero-waste events, a sustainability residential hall program, the first university-wide sustainability plan, and the first high output learning garden to combat food insecurity in Richmond.

Aside from gushing about local food, you can find Carlisle reading in a park (ideally next to a furry pet), taking way too long to finish puzzles, or in the kitchen working on her sourdough recipe. Carlisle is very excited to be a part of the 4P team and connecting people to the incredible opportunities local food provides.

Carlisle’s favorite vegetable? Brussel Sprouts–whether you roast them, chop them, or snap them right off the stalk, she’ll devour them!




Jon lives in Madison, VA with his wife and kids. When he’s not controlling the chaos that is aggregating, sorting, and delivering local food, you can find him on the soccer field coaching his kids team. Jon is a huge Washington Nationals fan. Go Nats!

Jon grew up on his family farm in Virginia. While Jon dabbled in raising chickens through the Joel-Salatin style chicken tractor, the hours spent cleaning the birds helped him to conclude it was not for him, and he now has a deep appreciation of the hard-work our pastured farmers do.

His favorite vegetable? Asparagus! He makes them lightly broiled or cooked on the grill with a little oil and salt.