2021 Year in Review image

2021 Year in Review

January 27, 2022

Thanks to our customers, community partnerships, and the farmers and artisans that we work with, 4P was able to further our mission to create a more just, equitable, humane, and sustainable food system. Keep scrolling to see how your purchases from 4P have impacted the community!


A few words from our farmers

"Our working relationship with 4P Foods is simply outstanding. We have been working with the Food Hub/4P Foods for over ten years. You have given us a market outlet for our fruit and vegetables that we really need. Keep selling and we will keep growing for you!"
- C. Brick Goldman, Goldman Farms
"I have known Tom and worked with 4P Foods for a long time--going on probably 5+ years! And it has always been a good experience. 4P is committed to their mission, and that is a mission we share in the integrity with which we raise our food and do our business. From Tom, Justin, John, Tyler, Amanda, and all the rest of the team, they have been a pleasure to work with. Good people who work hard to do good work by sticking to their mission. I am grateful to know them as people and to work with them."
- Jesse Straight, Whiffletree Farm
"In this competitive market atmosphere driven by the demand for locally grown fresh produce, some small-scale farmers, new and beginning farmers, and seasonal growers sometimes struggle to get a share. Oftentimes farmers are left with little to no support but when you have a family like Tom and the entire 4P's Food group behind you, it makes farming so much easier. At 4P’s Foods, they say what they mean and mean what they say. So many times, I am left with broken promises, this cannot be said about the 4P's group, they are reliable, trustworthy, and committed to making a change in the lives of the consumers and simultaneously the lives of the producers. We at Tallawah Farms are grateful for your support, you have kept us in business for two years. You have gone above and beyond for us. On Monday mornings when I received the procurement order, to ask what is available is my motivation. Not only that they want to know what I have, but as soon as I completed that P.O., they started marketing the products, seeking buyers."
- Nadine, Tallawah Farms


About Food Access

We work with organizations to help increase access to Good Food in the communities they serve. Partners include Local Food Hub and their Fresh Farmacy initiative, for which 4P Foods aggregates, packs, and delivers Good Food to individuals prescribed nutrient-dense, local food for better health. We also work with the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy to provide fresh fruits and vegetables in Wards 7 and 8 of Washington, D.C. through The Field of Greens Market. In 2021, 4P Foods expanded its partnerships to include Brighter Bites, a national organization that distributes fresh produce and educational materials to schools in underserved communities.


Notes on Food Waste

Food waste can happen at every point of the process from demand planning to processing to packing to delivering to cooking. 4P works to reduce food waste where we can. In 2021, we jarred marinara sauce at Hatch Kitchen, allowing us to extend the life of peak season tomatoes and use “ugly” tomatoes that otherwise would have gone to waste. By buying 4P marinara sauce, you are helping reduce food waste.  4P composted 2.71 Tons of food waste in 2021. Our Vint Hill warehouse acquired a composter in September of 2021, so we are expecting our overall composting number to increase in 2022!

Big News in 2021

4P Foods Receives Grant from the American Heart Association 

4P Foods is one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America

4P Sources Vermont Cheese through the Eastern Food Hub Collaborative

We strive to lead with purpose—to advance our mission of ensuring that all people can eat Good Food and all farmers can make a living growing Good Food. Thank you for joining us on this journey, as we work together to create a more just, equitable, humane, and sustainable food system.