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How to Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers into a New Meal

November 21, 2022 by 4P Foods

Thanksgiving meals are delicious and filling - and leaves us with plenty of leftovers. Here are  quick and creative ways to turn leftovers into delicious new meals, reduce your food waste, and clean out your refrigerator.

Turkey Hash Using Stone’s Throw Hash

This delicious post Thanksgiving day breakfast or brunch dish uses leftover turkey and other roast vegetables you might have on hand. Stone’s Throw Hash is frozen and only needs to be heated up just like the rest of your leftovers! 

We have a selection of four frozen hashes from the Baltimore founded company, but for this quick leftover recipe we suggest the Veg Out Brah Hash or the Wakey Wakey Apple Bacon Hash. Don’t forget the farm fresh eggs to really make this seem like a new meal.

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Turkey and Cranberry Wrap Using Ula Tortillas

Don’t let your delicious leftover turkey and cranberry sauce go to waste. Plus, this recipe can use up leftover lettuce mix and cheese too. Simply add Ula tortillas to your 4P Foods tote to make this easy day after Thanksgiving lunch. We suggest warming up the turkey and steaming the tortilla for your wrap.

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Pumpkin Pancakes Using Wade’s Mill Stone Ground Plain Ol’ Pancake Mix

Do you have leftover pumpkin puree? Make these delicious pumpkin pancakes with Wade’s Mill Stone Ground Plain Ol’ Pancake Mix. Using the pancake mix makes this recipe so simple, all you need is leftover pumpkin puree, one farm fresh egg, milk, vanilla extract, and pumpkin pie spice.

This is just what you need after a busy holiday. Don’t forget to add maple syrup or local honey to your tote to go with the delicious pancakes.

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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Using Hungry Hill Honey

Save the seeds from that pie pumpkin you roasted! They make a great fall snack for holiday travel, the perfect garnish for leftover soup, or a crunchy autumn addition to a salad or grain bowl.

These simple sweet and salty pumpkin seeds will serve up to five people depending on how snack-y you are feeling this autumn. Plus, you can store your honey roasted pumpkin seeds in a sealed container in your pantry for snacks during the winter months.

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Crispy Potato Skins

Mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving staple, but before you compost the potato skins, try our air fried crispy potato skin recipe. This is a great snack for watching football or binging Netflix plus it helps you get the most out of the potatoes you purchased. It’s a no fuss and quick recipe that is perfect for someone who wants to reduce their food waste, but not put in a bunch of time. This recipe can also be used on sweet potato skins.

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Spicy Cauliflower Using Catbird Hot Sauce

Using a whole head of cauliflower can be daunting, so we suggest trying this plant-based substitute for hot wings. This recipe will also work if the cauliflower has already been roasted.

Spicy cauliflower is great for game day and goes well with blue cheese dip. Be sure to add Catbird Hot Sauce to your 4P Foods tote for delivery.

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